How to start a trail in your county


We welcome new quilt trails across Arkansas and hope you will join our group! Read further to find out how.

Arkansas Quilt Trails is an initiative of Rural Community Alliance, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower rural communities to effect change by creating opportunities in education, economic development, and youth empowerment to improve quality of life and place. The Quilt Trail was begun as a way of preserving local history while beautifying our communities for residents and visitors alike. Rural Community Alliance is a member-based organization that has 64 chapters across Arkansas. Each chapter works on local initiatives to revitalize its community, support its public school, collaborate within its region, and support RCA’s statewide policy work.

Any county/community may add a trail to Arkansas Quilt Trails by forming a Rural Community Alliance chapter with at least 20 members. Lifetime dues are $10 and forms are found on our website.

All quilt blocks must be painted on a wood surface and patterns must be approved by our Quilt Trail Committee, by emailing Renee Carr at  Once a community/county has twelve approved blocks installed, a signed owner agreement for each block, and a story submitted for each block, we will add the new trail to the Arkansas Quilt Trails website.

The Stone County Quilt Trail has been launched and more blocks are in the works. Meanwhile, Quilt Trails are currently being developed in Newton, Searcy, and Cleburne Counties. Stay tuned for more quilt trails across Arkansas!


  • Love the idea.Have seen these in other parts of the country. Is it possible to have a speaker at one of our quilt club meetings. We have a little more than 50 members .Also planning a spring quilt show in Heber Springs, which had almost 500 folks attending two years ago. A possible display there would also be another idea.

  • Would love to see a Quilt Trail developed in PikeCounty. In fact, my antique store which is housed in an old home built in the late 1800’s would be the perfect place for one of these beautiful quilts.

    • Thanks for your response, Vicki! Your historic building would be a tremendous location for a quilt block! All we need is a county coordinator to get a trail developed in Pike County. The quilt trail sponsor, Rural Community Alliance, has chapters in Delight and Kirby so there should be some folks who would help carry out the plan. Our guidelines require 12 quilt blocks be up before we promote the county trail. I’ll contact you soon!

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