Enter Trail #5, the Baxter County Quilt Trail —– sponsored by Hill ‘N Hollow Quilt Guild

Welcome to the Baxter County Quilt Trail. It is Trail #5 on Arkansas Quilt Trails, so each block begins with the number 5. It was developed by volunteer coordinator Virginia Cornett, aided by several creative individuals who also painted blocks. Baxter County is located in north central Arkansas and was formed in 1873 from parts of Fulton, Izard, Marion and Searcy counties. It was named for Elisha Baxter, then governor of Arkansas. Visitors to the area enjoy an abundance of water related activities with access to the White River, North Fork River, Lake Norfork, Bull Shoals Lake, and the Buffalo National River. There are many shopping opportunities with multiple antique shops and flea markets, as well as wonderful places to dine. Many visitors to the area often return to take up residence. It might be helpful to follow this suggested guide for touring the Baxter County Quilt Trail starting in Mountain Home. Of course, you can make adjustments depending on your starting point. From Mountain Home, see 5-6, 5-15, 5-4, 5-5, 5-3, 5-1, 5-2. Then on to Midway to see 5-14,-5-19, 5-8. Continue on to Gassville to see 5-7, 5-23, 5-17. Then to Cotter to see 5-9 (be sure and see the historic Cotter Bridge across the highway from this block). Next, go to Buffalo City to see 5-10. Head south of Mountain Home to see 5-18 and continue on to Norfork to see 5-12, 5-13, 5-16. Then on to Big Flat to see three at the same location: 5-20, 5-21, 5-22. Head to Henderson to see 5-11 and conclude at Elizabeth with 5-24.

Enjoy the stories shared by the owners of each block. We welcome your comments at the bottom of the page.

#5-1, Morning Star and #5-2, Wagon Tracks at 2821 West Rd., Mountain Home

Painted by Wayne and Julie Perry and located at their home at 2821 West Road, Mountain Home, AR., approx. 2.5 miles from Mountain Home. Julie shared, “My mother taught me to sew when I was 9 years old and I have been sewing off and on ever since, making quilts for family and friends for over 35 years. I also try to make 12 quilts a year for the Quilts of Valor, an organization that  awards quilts to veterans who have been touched by war. Many have said that I’m addicted to quilting as I sew every day and have quilts on display throughout my home, even some are for sale if you are interested. In addition to these two blocks on our garden shed, we have another one “Double Pinwheel” next to the road which is used as a landmark for finding places on West Road. When viewing the quilt blocks, it’s easiest to drive in the first driveway by the mailbox and drive out the other driveway by the quilt block. See you soon!”

#5-3, Pig Tails is at 4061 Old Military Rd., Mountain Home, AR

#5-3, “Pig Tails” painted by Glenn and Sandy Priebe and located at their home at 4061 Old Military Road, Mountain Home Arkansas.
Sandy said, “This is my favorite block because it looks like it has curved piecing yet it is straight sewing. Snail Trail was the only name used for this block in 1920-1930 and was later named the Pig Tails in a 2007 McCalls design. I chose this block because we are avid Razorback fans and therefore, call it “Pig Tails”. If done in black, it is called a Hounds Tooth pattern attributed to Bear Bryant of Alabama. Arkansas Razorbacks and Alabama Crimson Tide are a true rivalry. This is done in red for “The Priebe’s”, a true Razorback family and I have added black for “The Wood’s” family, true Alabama fans.”

#5-04, The Four Seasons
201 College St.
Mountain Home AR

#5-05, “Charmed”
201 College St.
Mountain Home AR

#5-4 and #5-5 on the Baxter County Quilt Trail are located at Remember Me Quilt Shop at 201 College Street in Mountain Home, AR. #5-4 is “The Four Seasons.” You will be greeted at the door by a quad grouping of small brightly painted quilt blocks appropriately named “The Four Seasons”. These blocks, painted by Virginia Cornett, are patterns chosen by owner Judy Mahaney to remind everyone of how blessed we are to live in an area where we can enjoy each of the four seasons. #5-05, The Charmed block consists of four half-square triangle blocks in the center with three half-square triangle blocks in each corner. The making of charm quilts, in which no two pieces are cut from the same fabric (our modern day “scrap” quilt), was popular around the turn of the century. A legend associated with the charm quilt says a quilt should contain exactly 1,000 different fabrics! When a maiden had collected exactly 999, the man she was to marry would appear, bearing the 1,000th fabric! Owners of Remember Me Quilt Shop, Pete and Judy Mahaney retired from their jobs in Northwest Ohio and moved to Arkansas in 2010. Judy said “After a short time, we got bored (at least I did!) and decided we needed to do something rather than sitting around being retired! I had always been a dressmaker, making bridal garments, family clothes etc., but I had never quilted! However, my sister who along with her husband had moved to Arkansas in the early 80’s, was a very prolific quilter and I wanted her to teach me as soon as moved here. As I was shopping for fabric for my first quilt at my favorite quilt shop, I overheard the owner say she was going to either close or sell the shop. I asked Pete if he’d like to be a greeter at Walmart or own a fabric shop? To make a long story short, here we are several years later, very happily owning and operating the Remember Me Quilt Shop! We also have an embroidery/apparel decorating business located in the same building, which our daughter and her husband have taken over and have expanded tremendously.” When in Mountain Home, be sure to stop in to meet Judy, Pete, and their staff. You will find over 2500 bolts of fabric and everything you could possibly want related to quilting. They offer long arm quilting services and also have classes for both beginners and experienced quilters. Remember Me Quilt Shop is proud to be an authorized Handi Quilter Dealer as well as an authorized dealer for Pfaff sewing machines.

#5-6, Fair-Is-Swell is at the Baxter County Fairgrounds at
1507 Fairgrounds Road, Mountain Home AR

#5-6, Fair-Is-Swell. The Baxter County Fairgrounds was purchased in the 1950’s and the county fair has been held at this site every fall since that time. This quilt block was painted to honor all the Baxter County residents who attend and volunteer at the fair. It also honors Fair Board members who work year-round to make the Baxter County Fair one of the top county fairs in Arkansas. This quilt pattern features the Ferris wheel from Neverland and all the fun that everyone has at the fair and also includes food booths that are a staple of the fair. The Fair-Is-Swell quilt block was painted by Margaret Stafford with the assistance of her husband Darrell, who has been a Fair Board member for 11 years. If you look closely at the children on the Ferris wheel, you will see Raquel (the Stafford’s granddaughter) holding up her arms as she rides while having fun at the Baxter County Fair!

#5-7, Ole Mighty Cross, at 1101 Hwy 126 North, Gassville AR

#5-7 “Ole Mighty Cross” is located at the home of Sandra Yates and the family business, the T Lazy T Worm Farm, at 1101 Hwy 126 North, Gassville AR. Sandy shared, “We chose this quilt pattern as the cross means a lot to us. The cross speaks of Jesus Christ who came and saved our souls. The Star around the cross shows the world how bright Jesus makes our life. We here at T Lazy T Worm Farm believe all things are possible through Jesus. We started the Worm Farm when our son Doug’s employer closed up shop and he needed a viable source of income, but later when Doug became employed by a local school district and couldn’t work full time at the Farm, my husband, Ike, and I took over the majority of the operation with Doug contributing by supplying wood mulch and helping out when he can. Our Worm castings are ideal for anything you grow and is healthier for you and the environment. The worms help break down the compost pile and enrich it with their castings. You can use as much as you want and it will not burn. The brand T Lazy T comes from Ike’s dad who owned a ranch in New Mexico. We welcome all and will gladly give tours.” (Editor’s note: a donkey and beautiful chickens and guineas are a bonus at this quilt site!)

#5-8 Four Flying Fish
2224 County Road 10
Midway AR

#5-8 “Four Flying Fish” quilt block is located at 2224 County Road 10, Midway AR. Designed and painted in the colors of a rainbow trout by Cindy Johnson, the 4×4 pattern was chosen to honor her quilt-making grandmothers and the two previous residents of this property. Originally a wooded stretch on upper Bruce Creek, it was developed in the 1990’s as a catfish farm that supplied area restaurants. In the early 2000’s, renowned fly-fishermen Dave and Emily Whitlock stocked the pond with trout and ran a fly-fishing school here. Concrete raceways for fish hatchery are still in the floor of the barn, a wide variety of fish live in the pond, and an avid quilter lives in the house. Come enjoy the quilt that is a tribute to the history of the place. You’ll also want to check out block #5-14, also in the Midway area. The unincorporated community of Midway is at the intersection of Highways 5, 126, and 178. Highway 5 provides access to Mountain Home to the east and extends about eight miles to the north to the Arkansas – Missouri border. Highway 126 provides access to the Baxter County Regional Airport to the south and on to Gassville. Highway 178 provides access to Lakeview, Bull Shoals, and Bull Shoals Lake.

#5-9, Aunt D’s Star, at 148 Sunset Dr., Cotter

#5-9 “Aunt D’s Star” is located at 148 Sunset Drive, Cotter AR, the home of Karen Cornett. This block was designed and painted by Karen and she had this to say about her chosen block: “Quilts have been a presence in my family for years. My Grandma China quilted back in the day when quilts were all hand pieced and quilted. As a child I am not sure I appreciated the time and talent it took to put it all together but I sure enjoyed sleeping under the warmth of a quilt! My Aunt Dolores is the one that turned us all on to quilting. My mom learned and developed her awesome skills under Aunt Dolores’ patient tutoring. My cousin, Christy (Dolores’ daughter), introduced us to barn quilts and I was hooked immediately…..I don’t quilt….yet, but this is a great way to express my love of quilts and the love that goes in to each one. Please enjoy D’s Star!” (Editor’s note: you will want to cross the highway and drive through Cotter and across the iconic Cotter bridge for an additional photo opportunity!)

#5-10 Double Wedding Ring
113 Ivanhoe Trail
Mountain Home AR

#5-10 “Double Wedding Ring” is located at the home of Pam Wise, also known as Wise Acres, at 113 Ivanhoe Trail, Mountain Home AR. This beautiful 6×6 block was designed and constructed by Pam’s son, Jonathan, by cutting out 72 different tiles of 8 different shapes. The size and shape of the tiles were generated on a computer program after entering the data from the quilt block. They were individually cut out of 1/4” Lauan and painted according to layout. Then the “fabric” patterns were cut from vinyl and applied to the tiles, which were then arranged on the 6×6 board and attached with construction adhesive giving the illusion of depth and dimension. Jonathan said, “The idea came to me as I was first approached as a potential participant in the Arkansas Quilt Trail project. My mom and I were proud to hear that our block was accepted into the original 12 needed to proceed in Baxter County.” Pam shared this about her chosen block: “My mama quilted when she was a very young wife and mother, living on a farm in Eastern Arkansas. Her favorite pattern was the double wedding ring. I prefer the hills to the flatlands, but I have always loved this block and my sisters feel the same way. It’s always been “the” quilt for our family.”

#5-11, Delectable Stars at 14625 Hwy 62 East, Henderson AR

#5-11, Delectable Stars is found at 14625 Highway 62 East, Henderson AR, which is about 14 miles east of the Walmart in Mountain Home. Baxter County Quilt Trail Coordinator Virginia Cornett shared, “When Christi Todd first heard that we were developing a quilt trail in Baxter County, she immediately selected her quilt block “Delectable Stars”. She was excited to be part of the quilt trail since she had been very active in the quilting community, both as an avid quilter and a skilled instructor at several of the local quilt shops. Even though Christi had recently been diagnosed with cancer, she continued to work on the painted quilt block. Sadly, Christi passed away in February before the block was completed. Her husband, Greg Todd, has finished the block in her memory and as Christi intended, this beautiful 4×4 quilt block is now a very special addition to the Baxter County Quilt Trail!”

#5-12, Spirits in the Mountains at 13857 Hwy 5 South, Norfork AR

#5-12, “Spirits in the Mountains” was designed and painted by artist Linda Havner. This 4×4 block represents the hands of native Americans on the Trail of Tears who lived here and those who were driven through Arkansas. The white hands and spirals represent their spirits which live on in the green beauty of Arkansas. Linda Havner, previously the owner of Remember Me Quilt Shop in Mountain Home, is the owner of The Curious Craftsman, a unique gift shop in Norfork which showcases Linda’s creations as well as local artists and craftsman. The shop also offers numerous classes, such as rug making, etc. The building in Norfork where the shop is located was built in 1918 and was originally a doctor’s office. You can find the Curious Craftsman on Facebook at

#5-13, Seminole Patchwork is at 13912 Highway 5 South, Norfork, AR

#5-13, Seminole Patchwork, is a 4×4 quilt block painted by artist Linda Havner and is found hanging on Norfork Adventure Supply which is owned by Jake Anderson in historic downtown Norfork. The building housing the business was built in the early 1900’s and at one time was a grocery store with living quarters upstairs. Jake is a trail advocate and steward promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. He has an exercise physiology background and specializes in helping individuals connect with nature via rivers, lakes, nature trails, hiking, biking, and paddling. Jake says the Seminole Patchwork block represents the rivers, trees, and trails of Arkansas.

#5-14, Crowns and Cross
120 Hwy 178 W, Midway, AR

#5-14, Crowns and Cross, was painted by Mark and JoLynn Farruggia and is hung on their property at 120 Hwy 178 W, Midway AR. JoLynn shared this about the colors and design of this special block: “We chose this pattern, Crowns and Cross, because it is an old pattern for quilting, but also for the ease of showing the unity of our nationalities and families. It shows regal with the Crowns and faith with the Cross. I am of Irish and German descent, Mark is of Italian/Sicilian decent. We used green, white, and orange for the Irish flag; the black, red, and gold for the German flag. We took again green, white, and red from the Italian flag and the red and yellow from the Sicilian flag to create the colors for the block which truly made this “our quilt pattern”. Also see Block #5-8 and #5-19 while in the Midway area. The unincorporated community of Midway is at the intersection of Highways 5, 126, and 178.

#5-15, The House That Bluthe Built is at
Gilbert Realty, 1357 Hwy 62 SW, Mountain Home AR

#5-15, “The House That Bluthe Built” is at 1357 Hwy 62 SW, Mountain Home AR and was painted by Linda Havner. Joan Gilbert, owner of Gilbert Realty, shared, “We started our business in 1969 on Hwy 5 North, here in Mountain Home. Later in the 70’s, we were wanting to relocate and bought a 30 x 30 charming stone building at this current location. It had an unfinished basement and an attic area with the traditional cedar planking on its walls and ceiling. We then began to remodel the residential home into our office when we were visited by a neighbor, Mr. Nelson, for whom Nelson Street is named. He had lived in the area for many years and told us that our great uncle, Bluthe Gilbert, had actually built the home back in the 1940’s! It was a very pleasant surprise, and encouraged us to try to keep the same gable and stone theme on our addition.

#5-16, Paw Paw Star at 13980 Hwy 5 South, Norfork AR

#5-16, Paw Paw Star is at 13980 Hwy 5 South in Norfork, AR. Jason Aamodt, owner of The Norfork Brewing Co., said they moved here because of the good water and clean atmosphere. The blue star on the quilt block stands for the water and mountains, the squirrel for nature, the PawPaw leaves for their new trademark beer flavor, and the yellow for sunshine. This unique quilt block hangs on the newly remodeled old Benbrook’s grocery and post office. The 4×4 block, a traditional Star with appliqué motifs was painted by local artist Linda Havner. If you are in the area on a Friday evening, a Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening, Jason invites you to stop by for a beer, tasty food from a food truck, and wonderful live music from local musicians, a great time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area. Be sure to visit the historic Jacob Wolf House while you’re in Norfork.

#5-17, The Army Star, is at 893 Highway 126 North, Gassvile AR

#5-17 for the Baxter County Quilt Trail is located at the home of Richard and Betsy Albertson at 893 Hwy 126 North, Gassville AR. (Less than 1/4 mile before The Ole Mighty Cross quilt block). The 4’ x 4’ block, painted by the Albertson’s, is called “The Army Star”. Betsy shared, “We chose the Army Star quilt block for many reasons. First and foremost, Richard is an Army Veteran, having served during the ‘60’s, so we thought this to be quite fitting. We have a son serving his 24th year in the US Air Force, so are a very patriotic family, true to the Red, White and Blue. We enjoy life on our hobby farm, which we call “Chicken Scratch Ranch”. We have a donkey, goats, chickens, geese, but the one who runs the show is Strutter, the pet turkey.” The town of Gassville was formerly Mount Pleasant and Turkey’s Neck. Gaston’s White River Resort brings visitors to the town.

#5-18, The Firefighter’s Block is at 232 CR 614, Mountain Home AR

The Firefighter’s Block, #18 on the Baxter County Quilt Trail is located at the Buford Volunteer Fire Department Station #4 at 232 CR 614, Mountain Home AR (just off Hwy 201 South). This beautiful 4×4 block was painted by Linda Havner, artist and owner of The Curious Craftsman gift shop at Norfork AR. This makes the 5th block on our quilt trail painted by Linda!
The Buford Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) began in 1983 in the old Buford School House located at 4439 Buford Road. The School House later became the Buford Community Center and has since been transferred to the Baxter County Historical Society. The BVFD started with one fire station and one truck. Today they have four fire stations and 19 pieces of rolling stock, plus a river boat and a sleeper pump. The BVFD serves an area of approximately 48 square miles and currently has 22 active firefighters who are trained in firefighting, medical rescue, rope rescue, swift water rescue as well as other specialty training. Chief Will Syfrett stated: “The BVFD could not function without the generous donations and support from our community. Our auxiliary works hard to help bring in donations with annual events such as the Turkey Dinner, Ice Cream Social, Garage Sale, Craft Show and other events.”

#5-19, When Pigs Fly, 78 County Road 904 Midway AR

“When Pigs Fly” was designed and painted by Mark and JoLynn Farruggia. It can be seen at 78 County Road 904 Midway AR. JoLynn shared: “It is our take from several whimsical quilt block patterns. We used colors that had a combination of fun, whimsical and special meaning to us. The saying “When Pigs Fly” also has a special and humorous meaning. It started when I asked Mark one time when he thought he might finish the project he was working on and he replied he was going to get right on it. My reply was jokingly “When Pigs Fly!” Be sure to also see blocks #5-8 and #5-14 while in the Midway area as you cover the Baxter County Quilt Trail.


#5-20, Sunflowers & Hearts
9735 Hwy 14 East, Big Flat AR
#5-21, Patriot’s Garden
9735 Hwy 14 East, Big Flat AR
#5-22, Trailing Hearts
9735 Hwy 14 East, Big Flat AR

#5-20, Sunflowers &Hearts, #5-21, Patriot’s Garden, and #5-22 Trailing Hearts are all located at 9735 Hwy 14 East In Big Flat Arkansas, adjacent to City Hall. Glenda Wiseman, mayor of Big Flat, shared: “Big Flat AR is a very small city, becoming an incorporated municipality in 1938 when it was a thriving city. When the school was taken from the town, much of the town’s spirit left with it. Then families left followed by businesses. However, people for several years now, both those who once lived here and some who just fell in love with the area, have moved to the city and surrounding area. As these folks have come, a renewed spirit and new life are springing up. The quilt blocks, hung recently on the remaining front of one of the Main Street buildings, are evidence of the desire to see the town’s revival. A newcomer to town, Steve Mullenkof, suggested the idea of the quilt blocks to the mayor and offered to paint them for the city. The city council agreed and material and paint were purchased for him to do the project. They have added much needed color and a truly bright spot to the town. The patterns are basically original ideas of the artist gathered from studying numerous quilt blocks, pictures, and a few suggestions from town folks. The town is delighted to share them and hope they brighten the day for you”. Welcome, City of Big Flat, known as “Small In Size But Big In Heart” to the Baxter County Quilt Trail.

#5-23, Autumn Star
959 Hwy 126 N., Gassville AR

#5-23, Autumn Star, can be viewed at 959 Hwy 126 N, Gassville AR. Gerald Gaige shared this about his quilt block: Stars are probably the most common motif used on quilts. Homesteaders traveling West used the stars for guidance and they looked upon stars as religious symbols of their faith in God. Native American quilters of the late 19th century favored the star design as representing the morning star, a significant symbol in religious and ceremonial life. The Autumn Star pattern is part of many popular quilting designs for hundreds of years. Resplendent in Fall colors, this pattern is based on the center 8-point star and composed of squares and half square triangles to fill out the starburst. Every year as the days get shorter, a new star shows up to signal the arrival of Fall. Fomalhaut, also known as the lonely star of Autumn, is so far away that the starlight we enjoy this season had to start its journey to Earth 28 years ago. Our “Autumn Star” was hand-painted by Joan White of Ohio Barn Quilts and joins the neighboring “Ole Mighty Cross” at the T Lazy T Worm Farm to the North, and “The Army Star” of Chicken Scratch Ranch to the South. Located near our highway gate, the “Star” welcomes visitors to Ham Hollar, a small game preserve created 40 years ago by my parents and named for their hobby as amateur radio operators (“hams”) combined with the former hog barn near one corner of the property. Now, with my wife Larissa from Russia, the property remains as a favorable habitat and refuge for all native creatures, and the quilt block “Autumn Star” welcomes visitors from all over the world.

#5-24, “I Love America”
1642 CR 93
Elizabeth, AR

#5-24, “I Love America” is located at the home of Zeke and Margaret Pearson at 1642 CR 93, Elizabeth AR (Hand Cove Area). After seeing all the beautiful quilt blocks in other states, Margaret was inspired to paint one herself. Their love for this great country, and especially Arkansas, was the inspiration for this red, white and blue motif. Their property is located at the junction of CR 93 and CR 94.The quilt block is on the side of the barn facing CR 94. The Hand Cove area is near Norfork Lake. According to Arkansas.com, Lake Norfork has more than 550 miles of shoreline and covers some 22,000 acres. There are 19 developed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers parks that provide plenty of opportunities for camping and for water sports. Almost all varieties of fresh water game fish are found in the lake, which is fed by the North Fork River and its tributaries. Bass, walleye, crappie, bream and catfish all make their home in its waters. The oldest of Arkansas’s large man-made impoundments, Norfork has consistent variety in its fishing. Lake Norfork contains one of the best striped bass fisheries in Arkansas. The lake is stocked annually, and stripers over 40 pounds are commonly taken.

#5-25, Rusty Rooster
1340 Hwy 62 East
Mountain Home AR

#5-25, Rusty Rooster. This 2×2 quilt block painted by Charm Eagleman and appropriately named “Rusty Rooster” can be found in the window by the front door of the Rusty Rooster Flea Market & Treasure Coop at 1340 Hwy 62 East, Mountain Home AR.
Owner Louise Lindsey said she absolutely loves this market and all the wonderful people she has met from all over the world. She is a vintage soul at heart and has always enjoyed collecting and shopping for anything vintage. The market has a large selection of everything old to new and a whole lot of “renewed”. Bringing new life to items is recycling at its best and you never know what you will find! They have a vendor who is an amazing quilter and also have those lovely vintage quilts, the ones that you look at and imagine the love and time they put into them – if only quilts could talk! You are sure to find a treasure here at  the Rusty Rooster Flea Market and Treasure Coop. Louise said she is very honored to be part of the quilt trail and will look forward to having you view their quilt block and stop in for a visit.

#5-26, Sandy’s Smile
1515 Clay St.
Mountain Home AR

#5-26, Sandy’s Smile. The latest addition to the Baxter County Quilt Trail is located at the home of Keith and Sandra Sharp at 1515 Clay Street in Mountain Home. Sandra shared the following about her quilt block: “Friends visiting my home for the first time noticed a tapa cloth hanging on my wall and asked, “Is that a barn quilt?” Although we had admired painted quilt blocks occasionally in our travels, that was my first introduction to barn quilts and was pleased to learn there is an official quilt trail here in Baxter County. As I learned more, I decided that I would like one for my house, something attractive for others to enjoy and that might cause passersby to smile. My quilt block was painted by Laurie Coffman of Mountain Grove, Missouri. She had painted the same pattern for my daughter but I chose different colors for mine. Since I don’t know the official name for this pattern, I will just simply call it Sandy’s Smile.”

#5-27 Ribbon Star
919 South Street
Mountain Home AR

#5-27, Ribbon Star, is the newest addition to the Baxter County Quilt Trail. This 2×2 block can be found at the Plaza Beauty Center at 919 South Street in Mountain Home. This block is a little unusual in that it was painted on sign board rather than wood. Jo Greer has owned the beauty shop for over 20 years but has been a beautician in the Mountain Home area for at least 40 years. She has always loved quilts and was recently invited to join a group of friends to learn how to paint a barn quilt. After a fun day of visiting, painting, and of course, eating, Jo completed her first barn quilt. She warns it can be addictive and is already searching for the right pattern for her next quilt block.

#5-28, A Salute to Veterans
421 E. 9th St.
Mountain Home AR

#5-28, A Salute to Veterans is located at the Bob Davis Veteran’s Center, 421 E 9th Street, Mountain Home Arkansas. The center is named after Robert “Bob” Davis, a US Navy Veteran of WWII, who loved riding motorcycles. This project was started by a group of fellow motorcycle riders who are part of the Twin Lakes Thunder Rally which is held in Mountain Home the last weekend of October each year. The Bob Davis Veteran’s Center, scheduled to open in in September 2021, was made possible with numerous fundraisers, volunteer workers and public donations. The center is a 501(c)3 non-profit and not affiliated with any government agency. Housing, food, and job training will be provided for up to 18 veterans and all will have jobs. There will be a screen printing and embroidery business located in the center that will be run by the veterans. The center will also provide a coffee hut where any veteran will be welcome to come have coffee, play pool, darts or card games at no charge. Joanna Farris, spokesperson for the center, shared their mission is to give homeless veterans a hand-up, not a hand-out. The “Salute to Veterans” quilt block was painted and donated by Virginia Cornett.

#5-29, Spinning Windmill
2821 West Road
Mountain Home AR

#5-29, Spinning Windmill, designed by Wayne Perry is a bright 4’x4′ block located on a stand close to the road at 2821 West Road, Mountain Home Arkansas. Many people use it as a road mark when giving directions on West Road instead of using actual address names. This was something of a tradition since Julie Perry had previously had a tutoring sign in that location to help people locate her business as a tutor. She has been a quilter for over 50 years, and she makes quilts to sell along with many gifts and contributions. Julie belongs to the Quilts of Valor organization which makes quilts for veterans who have been touched by war. The Perry’s also have two other blocks “Morning Star” and “Wagon Tracks” at the same location and were the first blocks to be featured on the Baxter County Quilt Trail.

#5-30, Back the Blue
162 Cornett Lane
Mountain Home AR

#5-30, Back the Blue, is located at the home of Jack and Virginia Cornett at 162 Cornett Lane, Mountain Home Arkansas. This block was painted by Virginia Cornett in honor of her husband’s long law enforcement career as well as the many others he was proud to serve with over the years. The block contains a thin blue line which represents solidarity and respect for law enforcement officers. It is displayed to share encouragement and gratitude to the men and women who dedicate their lives to keeping the public safe and also to honor the lives lost in the line of duty. By displaying this flag, we are sending a message to law enforcement personnel that we appreciate and support them.


  • What a wonderful tribute to such an important tradition in our culture! Quilting goes beyond the simple craft some think it is to the representation of many cultures’ traditions, memories and messages for future generations. Do you miss your Grandmother? Grab that quilt she made many years ago and wrap it around your shoulders! Instant warmth, love and memories come to life! See that one square that used to be GrandPa’s ‘work shirt?’ He wore it every day when you and he would go out to feed the horse and chickens.

    Even though today’s quilters have a greater selection of fabrics and designs to choose from than in year’s past, today’s quilts are made with even more intention – fabrics and designs chosen specifically for that special person – meant to show how much they’re thought of and loved.

    • Hello, Linnet. A Washington County trail is underway and your help to expand it would be much appreciated. The Washington County Quilt Trail Coordinator is Rita Zelei. Please call her at 479-422-6030. She will be glad to hear from you.

      Renee Carr
      Arkansas Quilt Trails Director

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