Arkansas Quilt Trails


    • The current Arkansas Quilt Trail brochure includes Stone and Searcy County trails. It can be found at most Arkansas Welcome Centers, Clinton and Mountain View Chambers of Commerce, Wade’s convenience store at Leslie and several other locations in Searcy County. The brochure will be updated this fall and will include several other counties.

    • Kevin, we have a Quilt Trail brochure with the addresses of the Stone and Searcy County trails. These can be found at several Arkansas Welcome Centers and throughout the region, including Wade’s Convenience Store in Leslie and the Clinton and Mountain View Chambers of Commerce. If you live outside the region, please email ( me your mailing address and I’ll mail you one. This fall we will have a new brochure out and expect to add Van Buren and Perry counties to it.

    • Hi, Diana. Our latest brochure was just printed and is at all 13 Arkansas Welcome Centers as well as several locations in Stone, Searcy, Van Buren, Perry, and Baxter counties. Where do you live and I’ll let you know the closest location.

      • Please mail an Arkansas Quilt Trail brochure to:
        Deonna Williams
        1105 Janssen Ave
        Mena AR 71953

        We are looking forward to exploring The Arkansas Quilt Trails. Thank you

  • Was wondering if only the 5 counties have the barn quilt maps! I have seen a few others near Fulton county and is not listed. Do you happen to know if there are other sites u can find barn quilts

    • Hi, Jennifer. There are five counties that have reached the 12-block minimum to be on the map for Arkansas Quilt Trails. Ten more counties currently have a trail in the works. We are hoping to see Fulton County join us too. Right now we need a volunteer county coordinator to make that happen.

  • My family has farm property in Van Buren County and we want to add a barn quilt to our barn. How do you apply to become a part of the quilt trail?

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