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#4-01, Ohio Star, is one of seven quilt blocks at 3109 Highway 60 West, Perryville, AR

#4-01 Quilt block owner Debbie Park said “This was my first barn quilt. It is an 8×8’ “Ohio Star”, and it has faded a bit. I’ve repainted it and put our ranch logo (DDT..Double D Lazy T) in the middle block. I used two 4×8’ sheets of 3/4” plywood for this quilt, and it presented quite a challenge for my husband to hang…he had to hire a helper and utilize our tractor to hang it on the new hay barn!”


#4-02 Sunflower/Dresden Plate at 3109 Highway 60 West, Perryville, AR

Quilt block owner Debbie Park reflected, “As I began this “Sunflower/Dresden Plate” barn quilt adventure, I was drawn to an old pattern already in my family quilt collection, the Dresden Plate. However, as soon as these 4×4’ designs were hung, all I could see were three bright sunflowers bringing sunshine and beauty to this “sow’s ear-turned silk purse” barn. It was formerly my Dad’s hay barn, built by him, from cutting the poles to milling the lumber used. I couldn’t stand the idea of tearing it down when we built our house in 2012, so we made a ‘silk purse from a sow’s ear’, a phrase I’ve heard my Dad use my whole life! The former unsightly hay barn was transformed into an equipment shed with a new metal roof and siding!”


#4-03 Sunflower/Dresden Plate at 3109 Highway 60 West, Perryville, AR
#4-04 Dresden Plate at 3109 Highway 60 West, Perryville AR


#4-05, Betsy Ross quilt block at 3109 Highway 60 West, Perryville AR

Quilt block owner Debbie Park shares, “This is one of my favorites, for two reasons: I love the ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ pattern, and it is hanging on the oldest remaining ‘barn’ on my childhood home place, where we now live. Daddy always called it the ‘tack barn/tool shed’…the old tack barn is what the barn quilt is attached to. The other side of the structure is a ‘lean-to’ tool shed. I think Dad would love this little barn’s new face lift!”


#4-06 Patriotic Pinwheel at 3109 Highway 60 West, Perryville AR

This barn quilt is what owner Debbie Park calls a Patriotic Pinwheel pattern. It is painted directly onto an old farm building, a silo, which has been on the farm I grew up on for as long as I can remember. I tried, unsuccessfully, to give away the former eyesore when we built our house. When there were no takers, I decided to make it into a thing of beauty and put it to work at the same time! The former ugly, empty silo now has a new face greeting passersby on Highway 60 West just outside of Perryville, and it also serves as storage for farm life! The size of the design is approximately 7’Hx5’W. In choosing the design, I Googled barn quilts and looked until I found one that met my criteria: a patriotic design that would look good on the barn red color of the newly painted silo. Since the background was barn red, I only had to actually use two colors, blue and white, to achieve the design. After rough sketching the design onto paper, I determined the size I wanted the actual design to be and started chalking an outline. Then the painting began…it was probably the most difficult of the seven quilts I’ve painted because of the curved surface, but it’s also my favorite. I love having a structure that had been used for years by my Dad brought back to life and usable again!

#4-07, Flags and a Star is quilt block #7 at 3109 Highway 60 West, Perryville AR

This 4’x4’ “Flags and a Star” barn quilt greets guests to our Bed & Breakfast located in the barn it’s attached to says Debbie Park. We are a patriotic family, and I’m drawn to all things flag related, so this design naturally caught my eye! Learn more about the Double D Lazy T Ranch Bed, Breakfast, and Barn at www.doubledlazytranch.com/


#4-08, Lone Star quilt block is at 22 Raspberry Lane, Perryville, AR

This Lone Star Quilt Block, four feet by four feet, is located at 22 Raspberry Lane, right outside of Perryville. The home is owned by Joe & Sandra Carter. Joe cut the wood for the block, and the block was painted by their daughter, Kelly Tolley. The block was a birthday gift for Sandra in 2018. “My mom and I have always admired barn quilts, so I decided to make one for her birthday. I knew she would like the simple, classic design of the Lone Star Quilt Block.”


#4-09, Crossed Canoes quilt block is at 106 N. Fourche Ave, Perryville AR

The Crossed Canoes pattern was selected because of the lakes in Perry County including Harris Brake, Nimrod Lake and Lake Sylvia. The artists at The Hidden Gallery wanted to add this quilt block in honor of the many people that use the lakes for entertainment. The block was painted by Peggy Blazer.


#4-10, Entwined Squares at 106 N. Fourche Ave, Perryville AR

Almost all Quilt Blocks begin with the simple square. This Entwined Squares block done at the Hidden Gallery according to Alma Gipson is added to her collection to honor all the quilters in Perry County, past and present, who continue the tradition of quilting.


#4-11, Eight Point Star at 106 N. Fourche Avenue, Perryville AR

The Eight Point Star was painted at the Hidden Gallery. Owner Alma Gipson notes that stars are simple and complex at the same time. Life in a rural setting is often simple and complex at the same time. In rural Perry County the stars are very visible in the night sky. It seems only fitting to add this pattern to Perry County’s selections.


#4-12, Sheatsley’s Solar Shack quilt block at 14 Lexie Lane, Perryville AR

Jacob Sheatsley shares, “Our Block started its life off Highway 9 somewhere between Black Mountain and Chimney Rock in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The block was purchased during a stop to pick up some sourwood honey at a roadside shop. At the time these blocks were popping up all over the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. I chose this pattern as it looked very similar to a family pattern that my Grandmother Armstrong has quilted for years which is a modified Flying V. Our barn tin solar powered home is not complete without this block as it identifies both my roots from West Virginia and my wife, Jama’s from the farmlands of northwest Indiana. The block sits on our home a mile from Heifer Ranch where we met and I continue to work today.

#4-13, Star of Bethlehem is at 5 Marvin Drive, Houston, AR on Hwy 216 between Houston and Perryville

The Star Of Bethlehem is located at 5 Marvin Drive, Houston, Arkansas on Hwy 216 between Houston and Perryville in west central Arkansas. Painted by Angel Leadingham, the 4×4 foot quilt block is on a “she shed” owned by Angel and Woody Leadingham. The location is on an old Christmas tree farm that no longer exists near the Antioch Baptist Church in the Antioch community in the Ouachita mountains. Just six blocks to the north lies Harris Brake Lake and to the west is Heifer Project International. To the east is the Fourche La Fave river and south is the Ouachita National Forest. The Star of Bethlehem is backed by a simple nine patch pattern of blue-green and white which symbolizes our National Forest and the old Christmas tree farm. The center being the Star of Bethlehem representing our following Jesus Christ. The Simple nine patch pattern was designed by women traveling west in covered wagons in the early 1800’s because these blocks could be put together with old clothes, feed, sugar and flour sacks. They could be stored in a small place and later made into a full size quilt when they reached their destination. The Star’s origin could be found in the night sky over Bethlehem guiding shepherds and wise men to the Christ child some 2000 years ago.

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